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of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon. help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. >> it's meant for border agents. >> you have to admire the ingenuity. >> no, actually i don't admire that at all. >> it's been going on for years. >> but that's disgusting that we say that. even computer jockeys who are sitting in a room making personal calls just to collect overtime. >> not to pick on the homeland security people, new york city cops have been doing this for years. padding
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1